Prolific Thinker


I’m sure you have heard the term prolific writer at least once in your life. When someone is called a prolific writer it means that words, poems, songs, books, etc just come flowing out of them, like a waterfall.

I’ve always wanted to be a prolific writer.

But, I’m more like a prolific thinker.

I think a lot, non stop. I have tons of creative ideas and dreams. Lots of projects I want to start. Blogs I want to write. Book titles I have thought of. I dream of inspiring people with my words.

When we were planning this trip I had a goal of writing updates on a regular basis. Updates about travel, what being on tour is like, and what we are learning and seeing God do with our lives.

With our current lifestyle of living on tour, the demands of parenting, and well, that’s enough, I haven’t quite had the ability to write and inspire as much as I thought I would have.

I’ve written 2 updates, in 2 1/2 months. Not exactly the prolific writer I had hoped to be. That’s ok. Life doesn’t always work out exactly as I think it will and sometimes playing blocks with my 15 month old is far more important than writing a blog.

So, in a nutshell, here’s a few things that have been impactful in our lives on the road lately:

  • God is going before us and making a way. When we show up to a new place, God has something designed for us that is unique and specific to our location. We are seeing multiple blessings with the RYFO host homes we stay with.
  • We are seeing a movement of God in the music community. God has a strategic plan to impact the lives of musicians and we are getting a great picture of what that looks like.
  • When God calls us to it, He gets us through it.  God continues to surprise us with His constant care for us. Every time we get blessed with a financial gift, or we see God do something amazing, we know that He is leading the way and helping us through His plans for us.
  • There’s something freeing and life giving about living in God’s will.
  • There’s an art to hosting others, and an art to being hosted! I have a whole blog planned on this but in short, there is certainly an art to being a good guest.

So, this is a snap shot for now. I’ve written down most of my ideas as my thoughts are much like a waterfall and I hope to share more soon. Until next time my friends!