Stories from the road

This week we were honored to be featured in the ChurchNEXT ONEthing newsletter update. We were so encouraged by the update that we wanted to share it with you! Here’s a few stories from the road as written by Steve Hoke, Director of Team Development with ChurchNEXT.

RYFO transforms the lives of musicians outside of the local church through creating movements of discipleship, reaching an often overlooked mission field—the music industry!

“The vision for this tour came to us at the WWC in Cancun— to deepen our relationship with RYFO’s existing host families and to expand the reach of our network into new regions of the country. So far we’ve stayed with 25 different families.” – Simeon

When RYFO team leaders Simeon and Johanna (+Judah – 16 months) Lohrmann departed OC in May for a 5-month road trip across the country, they didn’t realize how much gold they would discover at every stop along the way!

Phoning in from the half-way spot—NYC in July—Simeon shared his amazement at the divine appointments encountered daily. Here are a few of them:

  • “In each stop so far the Spirit has done something significantly different—from encouragement for weary Christ-followers, to opportunities to share Christ with strangers, and $3500 in unexpected supernatural financial provision.”

▪ “A host home in NC reported they were hosting a Christian band and a non-Christian group together. One of the crew members of the Christian band was a new believer and unfamiliar with baptism. After discussing the significance of this public proclamation of faith, he asked to be baptized and was baptized on-the-spot—in the host family’s pool. The non-Christian band observed all of this and was amazed.”

▪ “A faith-stretching late-night dialogue with a host family about how they had fully committed their every belonging to the Lord, despite partial deafness with the husband, chronic pain in the wife, and regular ministry to addicts. We saw Christ in every aspect of their lives, in addition to being a host family to itinerant musicians!”

▪ “We’ve had numerous God-moments in prayer with our host families and with strangers we’ve met along the way. The Spirit seeded a vision for being catalysts among our host families—and it’s played out differently in every locale.’

▪ “Most exciting has been how the Spirit inspired us to launch a chaplain’s ministry to these transient artists. These chaplains will provide soul care to local and touring musicians who are desperate for the transformative ministry of discipleship in their lives.”


Pray this Week:

Pray for the Lohrmanns as they continue this tour to increase the impact of RYFO.

Specifically, they asked that we pray for:

1) Continued safety for their travel as a family.

2) Sensitivity to the intervention and voice of the Spirit as they follow his lead from city to city and family to family.

TRIP Overview (as of 8/4/2015): 

# of stays: 30

# of RYFO events: 8

# of hours traveled: 126

States visited: 13

Distance Covered: 5,511 miles


August travel plans