About Us

We are the Lohrmann’s and we are living life on a mission…


We are in the midst of a grand adventure and we are honored to be learning, living, and loving along the way! Our Journey began in 2008 when we became friends. Little did we know that God had big plans in store for us! We were married in 2011 and had our first baby in 2014 and our second in 2016. We love traveling to new places, living in community, and seeing the movement of God in our lives.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting with us, leave a comment and let us know a little about you! 

Quick facts:

  • Simeon is a full time, support raised Missionary, with RYFO. Simeon has been with RYFO full time since July, 2013. RYFO is a non-profit organization that advocates for outreach to musicians. Through RYFO, Simeon strives to make Jesus known in the music industry and to serve and love musicians. Check out RYFO!
  • Johanna is part-time with Church Resource Ministries as a Movements Coordinator where she focuses her efforts on strategic prayer, community development, and writing. She also homeschools our eldest and is passionate about wellness in mind, body, and soul!
  • We have a beautiful boy named Judah and a joyous baby girl named Adalynn.
  • We live in an urban neighborhood 10 minutes north of Downtown Phoenix, Arizona.
  • We  joined CRM staff in 2014 and are excited to live missionally and extend God’s Kingdom!
  • We are both HIGHLY extroverted and love people

Our wedding video…


One thought on “About Us”

  1. What a beautiful vid of your wedding!!! And please excuse my ignorance, but that looked like a mezuzah you put around your neck, Simeon–was it?

    Soooooo looking forward to meeting you three!!!

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