A Season of Transition

Would you ever consider raising support to live as a missionary? Johanna asked me this question nearly 3 years ago and my answer at the time was an emphatic no. Since then God has done significant work in my life regarding my view on finances and I stand today at the precipice of a major career change that will place me in just that kind of lifestyle; living as a support raised missionary to the music industry.

So what changed? It began with my participation in a leadership mentoring group through an organization called CRM. This group put me in direct contact with people that are living a support raised life and helped me discover a new sense of direction and calling. Ultimately I found myself pointed towards getting involved with RYFO where I have volunteered for a year and a half. My involvement with CRM and RYFO have adjusted my perspective on life as a missionary and brought me to a place of true confidence that God is calling me into this type of lifestyle.

This season of transition has proven to be a process requiring a lot of patience! Daily I’m torn between my current job and my volunteer role with RYFO which is where my creativity and passions truly come alive. There’s no way of predicting how long it will take to develop the base of support that enables me to dedicate my full attention to RYFO. So in the meantime, as this process plays itself out, I’m learning to thrive despite the feeling of division I wrestle with each day. I’m driven by the confidence of God’s leading and the passion I feel for the work we are doing within RYFO.

Until next time…


For more details on my story you can watch the video Johanna and I made about this season of transition.


Coffee Date?

My friend Hannah, is actively blogging and has inspired me. Occasionally, she posts about having a coffee date with her readers. The idea is to write about what the topic of conversation might be if we were sitting down to coffee right now…so, let’s give it a try! 

If we were having a coffee date right now, I might try and cancel on you. I would call you and let you know how absolutely exhausted I am from work and that I was going home to rest. But since I cannot cancel on you, let’s talk. 

Work was emotionally, physically, and spiritually draining today. I was at the office for 12 hours. My day ended with calling the police on someone who we desperately tried to help. A man that was so broken and in so much pain that he couldn’t accept the grace, freedom, and love that others laid before him. He left the shelter in a whirlwind and it was very apparent that he had intentions to harm himself..I had to make the call. 

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. If we had another hour or two over coffee I would share how broken, hurt, and sad I am feeling. I would ponder with you about why I went into the helping profession in the first place and what it all means. Years ago, I had a dream to help others. I wanted to help save them…

Let’s be real. We cannot save anyone. No matter how hard we try. We can beg, plead, pray, block doors, and even call the cops, but we cannot save a person. 


All we are responsible for is how we love them. 


That’s all. It has taken many tears, a lot of frustration, and at times down right anger for me to learn this lesson. This lesson has also freed me from stress, worry, and a burden that is not mine to carry. I was not created to save people, that’s not my job. I was created to love them, and to love them well. 

Even though it can be exhausting, I hope I never stop feeling the brokenness for people that I feel right now. I hope that I never stop weeping for the lost. I hope I never stop being real with who I am, and how I feel. And I hope I never forget that all I can do is love…. 

If we were having coffee tonight I might not be the most lively person to talk to, but I would be real with you. I would let you know that, despite the pain and brokenness I feel, I still have Hope. Not hope in my abilities, but hope in the One who was created to save. 

Thanks for the coffee…I hope you’ll share coffee with me again soon! 


Patience…what is that anyway?

As I take a few moments this morning to meditate on life, I am amused as I realized that I have spent 27 years learning how to live life. I can only imagine that however long I have left I will be doing exactly same thing. As I look back on things I have learned, I am equally amused that it has been in stages. For example, as a child I was taught that patience was a virtue. As I grew, I learned what a virtue was. In my late teens and early twenties I learned that patience is not only a virtue, but a posture of our heart.

Throughout the years, I have come to understand that patience is not simply waiting for something (someone, etc) to arrive or happen, but waiting with trust, hope, and faith that the Lord is in control and working for my good. This morning I Google searched “patience” in the image section and found some funny, some sad, and some ridiculous pictures of patience. Here are a few of my faves:

So why I am musing about patience? Well, because I am still learning what it means, and I am learning it in stages. Though I have had multiple situations that have taught me patience, I am learning a new level of patience within marriage. Both Simeon and myself are learning what it means to be patient together.

We both desire greatly for Simeon to be a full time, support raised staff for RYFO. We know the road ahead of us is long and will require a great deal of patience. Not just waiting for it to happen, but persevering with trust and hope as we take one step at a time in faith.

Confession #1: when it comes to desiring this dramatic change in our life, we really have no idea how to do it. But we are learning slowly and in stages.

Confession #2: While I have desired to live the life of a Missionary for many years, I have been battling fear and doubt for the if’s, how’s, and when’s.

Confession #3: Sometimes I feel like we have both gone mad! I mean really, who takes this kind of plunge the first year in marriage?!

It would be easy to allow these feelings and emotions to control our hearts and minds right now. It would be even easier to stay in our comfortable, predictable sitatuion with Simeon’s job. We always know when his paycheck will arrive from American Funds. However, God is not calling us to comfort, or predictability. God is asking us to trust Him, to place our hope in Him, and to have faith in His words. 

And we are wanting to do this with patience..with a good attitude.

I hope we never stop learning….tell me, what does patience mean to you?

Sunday is here!


This is a short clip of a family that God gave me the privilege of meeting in one of their darkest hours. Through God’s great compassion and mercy we crossed paths and I have seen God perform miracles in their lives. This is what Easter Sunday is all about! Jesus did not STAY in the tomb, no, He rose in all of His power and Glory to reach the world.

This is a short clip of a family that God gave me the privilege of meeting in one of their darkest hours. Through God’s great compassion and mercy we crossed paths and I have seen God perform miracles in their lives. This is what Easter Sunday is all about! Jesus did not STAY in the tomb, no, He rose in all of His power and Glory to reach the world.

Why is writing so hard?

I have found myself increasingly inspired by a dear friend who has successfully taken the “reigns” of blogging and seems to be in a manageable and productive stride (for your own inspiration, read more here http://www.groundedparenting.com/)

This morning, while reading Hannah’s blog and enjoying the wave of inspiration, I meandered over to my blog and within seconds I was staring at the login screen with a blank face and wide eyes; it had been so long since I logged on my blog that I forgot my username. Embarrassment flooded over me as I remembered what it was and discovered that my last blog was on December 22nd, 2011. Pathetic. 

I could wallow around in self pity this morning as I think of how I have seemingly failed at another attempt to do something I enjoy OR I could brush it off and have grace on myself. After all, I am a newly married woman who works full time, volunteers for RYFO, attends weekly church commitments, invests in friends and family, and is actively pursuing all that God has for me. In this journey there is no time for self pity (well, maybe a few moments from time to time, but no more than 5!). So this morning I have determined to go the route of grace and try again. 

This week has been a week of victory. Me and my husband successfully completed our first “fireside chat” in which we did a live broadcast to members of the RYFO network in hopes to have an insightful and challenging conversation about the Gospel. On top of that, we were able to get to gym (a victory all on its own) and this morning I am reveling in the soreness that comes with 20 minutes of the step machine, 10 minutes of lifting weights, and 10 minutes of crunching my abs. More importantly, I was able to connect with some dear friends this week and take time to listen, laugh, and share experiences with those I love. 

On this journey there is little time for rest but there is plenty of time for other things. As we venture deeper into marriage (5 months this month!) we are discovering the things we are passionate about as a couple and more importantly what values drive us and how we want to live. Character is everything at this point, but writing on a blog is difficult. Of course, I could say plenty more but alas I am engaged elsewhere (truthfully, I am blogging from work in the stillness of the morning) but my appointment has just arrived and I must go…


Until next time (hopefully not 3 months from now…) 


Live your life today with GRACE and try again. 


A brand new voice

From a young age I (Johanna) have had a passion for writing. Interestingly enough, I was home schooled until the 8th grade and did not receive formal training on the basics and mechanics of writing. In fact, when I entered high school I did not know the difference between an adverb and an adjective. All I knew was that I loved to express myself through writing. Over the years I applied myself more and more in my English classes and I started to pay close attention to the way authors wrote when reading books, magazines, literature, and blog posts. Eventually I began my own blog on the infamous “myspace” and I unabashedly shared my inner thoughts with anyone who would read. Through this experience, I found my own style of writing and I have secretly harbored a passion to blog my thoughts, opinions, experiences, and journey.

This blog is technically the fourth blog that I have started. The other three were personal blogs that focused on my individual adventures in life. Now, as a married woman who is joyously sharing her life with another, I felt it was time for a new blog with a new purpose. Through conversation with my Husband I have been given the freedom to become the “voice” of the Lohrmann family. Our desire and hope is to invite others into the journey God has us on. We wish to update, process, share, and expose what we are learning, where we are headed, and any bumps in the road along the way. So this is the blog of two lives beautifully joined as one. This is the blog of Simeon and Johanna Lohrmann. Join us as we follow in the footsteps of our God. What is ahead? We do not know. With trust, perseverance, and hope we press on toward our goal.