Essential Oils: Deserving of a second chance


My journey with oils began 3 years ago when trusted friends of mine started using them on a regular basis. Trying to avoid the hype, I was skeptical at best. At some point I eventually dipped my toes in the water. I purchased a YoungLiving starter kit and got to work researching, using, and testing the oils. However, once my kit ran dry it was a full two years before I purchased another oil.

At first glance, I found oils pleasing in their aroma. I enjoyed the scents of Lavender and even used it during my labor with Judah. Once Judah was born, I tried using oils multiple times to deter sickness and build immunity naturally. However, I was missing an important component of oils. My perspective on oils was all wrong and because of my faulty views I grew increasingly more and more disappointed with the results. Enter the two year hiatus from oil use.

So what went wrong? And why did I decide to give oils a second chance? 

During the two “dry” years, I found myself saying multiple times, “I wish I had an oil for this!” Illness, fevers, and mystery sicknesses caused me to feel desperation and reevaluate my beliefs on oils. Before, I didn’t believe oils crossed the blood-brain barrier so I didn’t understand their acute effectiveness. I also didn’t understand that the more often and frequently you use oils the more effective they become. I viewed oils as “a one drop wonder” and expected them to work magically the first time I used them. Because I used them infrequently and didn’t understand the nature of oils, I rarely saw results. It took me close to 6 months to utilize all of my starter kit (that’s 11 5ml oil bottles).

Eventually, my desperation led me to try again. I reached out to my trusted friend who had continued using oils successfully for 3 years. She had many testimonies of effectiveness to share and began educating me more about oils. I approached oils with more of an open mind and started turning to experts on the subjects to inform me of their properties, uses, and benefits. I reordered a second starter kit and within 6 weeks I had almost depleted my stock. I was blown away at the difference the oils were making. I started mini-challenges for myself including detoxing from caffeine, going ALL natural in beauty products, and slowly detoxifying my home from chemically-laden toxins. I now use oils daily and often. I no longer see them as a one drop wonder to take out of the medicine cabinet when there’s a need. I use them for preventative health measures, to boost wellness, to balance my mind, body, and soul and when there is a need, I double up on the oil usage and I’m amazed each time at how quickly the oils work.

This is a journey I am excited to share. Why? Simply put, they work. Oils are an incredible alternative for health in the world of healthy living. Join me in my journey,  essential oil skeptics and enthusiasts welcome! I’ll be posting weekly about my personal EO challenges as well as webinars to educate and inform on EO’s.

When it comes to Essential Oils, they are truly worth a first, second, and third chance.

I am now a Young Living independent distributor. If you are interested in oils, I would love to help you on your journey to wellness!

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